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Pixels: Test Your Memory

Pixels: Test Your Memory is a game about your brain and how it works. This isn’t your average memory game. From pixels, shapes are formed. How many shapes will you find before the darkness of your memory claims them?

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The Sweeping of iVac: Afterdirt+

Based on real events … Join iVac on his quest to maintain a spot-free apartment from the many hazards that clutter our lives. Keep dirt off the floor while avoiding Sabrina and her undergarments. They are no good for your internal moving parts!

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Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and Kittens is a cartoon style platformer designed from the ground up for the Amazon Fire TV. Play as either a puppy or kitten as you brave enemy patrols, projectiles, and difficult jumps as you make your way to the top of each level to confront the boss!

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Shear Madness

Shear Madness is the game of demon-sheep exorcism! You are a pious shepherd, and one of your sheep has been possessed by an evil demon. Use your powers of deduction to identify and exorcise the demon sheep before it kills too many of your flock!

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Sergeant Stumpy

You are Sergeant Stumpy, a war dog in World War One. Your mission is to protect a squad of soldiers from unseen threats. Use your superior senses to locate hidden threats and flag them so your soldiers don’t get hurt!

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Mission: Decomposition Logo

Mission: Decomposition

Welcome to parasite paradise! In Mission: Decomposition you must defend your nest of friendly maggots from attacking parasites! Eat enemy parasites to defend your adorable friends.

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Race to Rapture Logo

Race to Rapture

Race to Rapture is a local multiplayer game where you have to pray your way to glorious salvation while fighting off your opponents to keep them from being God’s favorite worshiper.

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Meet the Team

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Sebastian Karolkiewicz
Founder & Lead Designer

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Arthur Nishimoto
Lead Programmer

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Sabrina aka Thund3rB0X
Game Tester & Personality

Our Mission

MurderPunch Productions, Inc. is an Independent Game Development Studio. Our goal is to give players some fun as hell experiences by finding the magic in classic games and bring that magic back in modern iterations. We hope you end up having as much fun playing our games as we have making them!